What are the characteristics I will need to be successful in this MOOC?

Well this is my first blog and that brings up the first characteristic I think is important for being successful in this MOOC.  Being open to learning and using new technology that will improve my learning as well as the learning of my students is very important.  I am not used to much of the new ways of communicating as have just this semester learned how to tweet.  I was quite proud of myself, yet still very nervous.  After discussing my class and the format with a couple of other people I’m beginning to understand what the MOOC is all about.  So for characteristics to be successful I need include being open to the new and willing to try it out and dedicated to working with the new item regularly to become more familiar.  I know this will make me more comfortable with this new tech.  I need to be interested in learning and engaged actively in my own learning as well as others.  Group discussion leads our learning in ways that individual and independent learning does not.   I have to admit I’m excited to learn all this new technology but am concerned that it will interfere with both my job and my family.   I am very dedicated to my job and equally dedicated to my family.  I can only hope that this class can be taken in moderation and that neither it nor my work and family suffer.


About leslieburdick

3rd grade teacher at Larson Elementary in Wasilla, Alaska. Wife and mother of 2 who enjoys hiking, camping, scrap-booking, sewing, and cooking
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2 Responses to What are the characteristics I will need to be successful in this MOOC?

  1. Lindsey Blaine says:

    Moderation is certainly the key…balance is so important. I think you’ll find that as the semester goes along and you become more familiar with the resources you will be become more efficient and be able to better balance class, family, work, etc. Good luck!

  2. Tracie Weisz says:

    Leslie – I agree with your worries about time – and initially I think the most time consuming thing is learning the tools and how they interconnect. Once that hurdle is overcome, it becomes much easier and as Lindsey said, more efficient, and you can focus on the conversations – which will be great!

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