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Week Six What does it mean to differentiate the process (content, strategies for instruction) in the classroom?

I was really excited to see all the tools for differentiation that I didn’t know about before.  I think it is a process that many people do not understand and can struggle with doing well in their classrooms.  Differentiation is … Continue reading

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Week Five Essential Question

What are your overall take-aways from the methods/tools that you might use to differentiate the classroom environment (for teacher productivity and student progression)?             To address the first question I needed to look back at all of the resources I … Continue reading

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Using tools to manage and deliver feedback to students

I was just recently introduced to drop box through this class, but I was very interested in reading more information about it.  I like the idea of being able to assign work to my students they can work on at home and turn in easily over … Continue reading

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Tools to manage and track differentiation with my students

I like the idea of using Google calendars in schools to help students keep track of assignments and progress.  Teaching students to manage their work and stay organized is essential to success in school as well as life.  The other things I like … Continue reading

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