Week Seven Essential Question

What tool did you learn this week to assist you in differentiating the learning process for students?

The tool I have been using most frequently the past few weeks is xtramath.com.  The site is free and available to both parents and students from school as well as at home.  I set up the account, added all of the students in my class and had them all take an initial placement test.  Students can be started out with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division.  Once students have mastered an operation they are automatically moved to the next operation.  I receive weekly update emails with the students progress as well as information on whether they are accessing the site from home.   I can assign practice time as homework or just use class time for their practice.  The students really enjoy the practice as if we are unable to get to the computer lab they will ask to use the classroom computers.  I have begun planning my lessons with xtramath practice time for the class.  I will have a small group rotating through the computers while another group is working of the day’s lesson material.  It seems to be working right now and the students have begun showing improvement in the fact fluency and time.

Another site I have used in the past that I really like is Class Dojo.  I know of a couple of other teachers also using the site and we have all agreed it is a great site.  Students and their parents can access the site from home to see how they are meeting expectations for behavior and also see where they can make improvements.   


About leslieburdick

3rd grade teacher at Larson Elementary in Wasilla, Alaska. Wife and mother of 2 who enjoys hiking, camping, scrap-booking, sewing, and cooking
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