Week Nine How can I use Pearltrees to differentiate content in the classroom?

So I am with Lori on this.  At first I was not really excited about yet another account to a site I needed to try to explore and maintain.  Time is of the essence in my life and I was not sure if I could devote the right amount to this new thing.  Then I stared exploring.  Needless to say I’ve had to force myself to log off my computer late at night and sleep instead of continuing to explore .  Pearltrees is awesome for searching up resources as well as cataloging  your own.  I have yet to add pearls to my own tree as I am still trying to look through everything I have found.  I simply put in third grade into the search bar and spent some time looking at what others have posted.  I have a better idea of the types of things I would like to add to my own tree and how I can use this to keep track of differentiation for my class.  The only thing I worry about is keeping track of all of the places I have put my resources.  I understand that this class is helping us to develop a better network of colleagues with which to collaborate as well as finding ways to find and store resource materials as articles.  I just worry that I will misplace something somewhere.  In some ways I look forward to this summer so I can really sit down and review everything I have been exposed to and to really explore it in preparation for next year.    

Through Pearltrees I found a couple of really great sites for math I can use right away in my class.  There are some math sites for both myself and the students to use with games and great resources for teaching the concepts.  There was also this pearl for spelling that gave me an idea for putting our spelling activities on my own tree.  Also I think this would be the best place to put some resources for our social studies curriculum for the Mat-Su Borough School District.  We have some thing available that were made by local teachers, but some resources for student activities as well as additional resources would be very helpful.  


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3rd grade teacher at Larson Elementary in Wasilla, Alaska. Wife and mother of 2 who enjoys hiking, camping, scrap-booking, sewing, and cooking
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