Assignment 2 Product

I was unable to connect with a group for assignment two so I worked solo on this.  I was looking at ways I could differentiate in my math class yet still meet all of the students needs for practice math fluency.  We had previously been using the XtraMath website weekly in class, but I wanted to add some other activities to address the concepts we were learning in class.  In a previous class one of the teachers was using the computer lab everyday with her instruction and had two groups going.  She would teach the concept to one group while the others completed tasks on the computers, and then she would switch groups.  I took that idea and designed my own project list for my students.  Everyone would complete their weekly fact fluency practice on xtramath, and then work through a math activity chart.  The charts has a series of games to play that help them learn more and practice the concepts we are learning in class.  I can have one chart for the whole class or have different groups with different charts.  The students would access the chart for their group, complete the activities, and turn in their completed chart with the scores on Friday.  With some of the games they could email their scores to me as well.  The format I would use would be through Edmodo groups.  I like how some of the others have used Pearltrees to keep track of the connections and resources.  My goal this next week is to build my own tree with resources for my Edmodo group and then present it to my students.  


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3rd grade teacher at Larson Elementary in Wasilla, Alaska. Wife and mother of 2 who enjoys hiking, camping, scrap-booking, sewing, and cooking
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3 Responses to Assignment 2 Product

  1. colin says:

    This seems similar to the class workflow shown in this video:

    And an efficient use of computers vs. human interaction.

  2. colin says:

    Also – the Edmodo link requires a source code to get in, would you mind sending that to me via email so I can check it out?

    • The code to get into my class is 5f7ouc. That will allow you to view my class. Other than that Im not sure the code to login for the district. Use the ‘I’m a student tab with the above code.


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