Week Eleven Essential Question: What technology will I use to allow students to demonstrate they have met the standards targeted by my rubric? What are the classroom management considerations that I must address?

I have been thinking quite a lot about the types of technology I could have my students use to complete their projects.  For the Fraction Book I had originally thought of them creating a simple PowerPoint in the computer lab illustrating one f the pages of our book, and then demonstrating it to the class via the Promethean board.  My problem is that we do not necessarily have enough time for all the students to complete and present their product, and that we have only a few more pages to work on at this time.  The good thing is that the remaining pages are the culmination of the information from the previous pages that demonstrate the skills taught.  .  So then I thought about splitting the group in to teams of five students and they would create a flip-chart for one of the remaining pages we have to complete.  Since this project is a whole class activity we are all working together to produce a reference book for each of the students to use  later on.  The pages that each group would create would be a more individual representation of their understanding of the concepts that they would then present to the rest of the class to add to the book.  I also would like some of the groups to try to make a video for their product with Xtranormal.   I had a blast making the small short video we did for this class, I know my students would love to make ones for themselves.

This project will ultimately become a starting point for a change in how I teach math next year.  Due to the introduction of the variety of technology tools available to me I can use them to teach the same math next year but in a different and more differentiated way.  I already know that I want to change this project more and add other elements next year that are just not feasible this year.   


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3rd grade teacher at Larson Elementary in Wasilla, Alaska. Wife and mother of 2 who enjoys hiking, camping, scrap-booking, sewing, and cooking
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